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"Cool,Calm & Collective with a different retrospective"

Monday, November 28, 2011

A thought immersed... By: Christopher Stephen Cluney

A blatant brusque firmament captured & etched with various illuminating colors so consuming & captivating as if it were painted by thy lord God himself on a colossal canvas that seem to stretch for as far as thee eyes can see.....Collaborating commodious,clouds in collision,combine with one another as it commence a creative elaborate,almost ceremonious in it's formation of characteristics,concealing the atmosphere above with an extravagant blanket of effervescent shapes & patterns that immerse rapidly through these widened astonished eyes of mine,infused inside my cerebral,captured & cataloged in a mental picture book of past recollections,that I can beckon for times when bright beautiful tranquil thoughts are necessarily....immersed

Friday, November 18, 2011

SAD-incursion By:Christopher Stephen Cluney

An incursion that grasps these emotion of mine,it shakes me til I’m fruitless,hoping that dissident feeling dissipates with every other sensation of annoyance which overwhelms me into distress & then —Sadness conquers my being,tepid tears trickle in sync & parallel down my strained face,tension ignites every inch of my being,obstreperous screams of painful crying that muffle all sounds around as I collapse weak & mentally battered rendering myself-SAD

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ganja Tea: Natural Remedy to Combat the Common Cold...

Ganja Tea or Sweet Ganja hot chocolate ---->Ingredient's:For Sweet Ganja Hot Cocoa:-Milk-(To Taste,But remember the More Milk The More THC(the milk activates the THC)the higher effect you'll get ;)..=For The Ganja Tea:WATER- - Now for both drinks you'll need 1gram of ground up Ganja((Marijuana))-You can add more if you want a more stronger HIGH.You can also leave/stems in;)and a half table spoon of real butter for tea(so that the butter can activate the THC)----:Strainer-Bag of favorite tea if making ganja tea or favorite Cocoa mix if making sweet ganja hot cocoa---2 saucepans... Directions on making tea or cocoa:-Pour water or milk into saucepan and heat until simmer----Then:Put ground up Ganja into saucepan to boil for 5 to 10 mins-then let the mixture sit for 15 mins after boil...---Strain contents of saucepan into second saucepan...---Then pour the water or milk into cup of favorite tea mixture if water or if milk pour with favorite cocoa mixture...---AND ALWAYS REMEMBER TO ENJOY.... recipe taken from article in 420time magazine thank you...
"My mind is quantum,metaphysical is the quintessence of my meritorious soul,obfuscate argumentative obscurant pothers 2 kibitz mentally."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Word's of my own to you(her)..By:Christopher Stephen Cluney

Impassioned words motioned through me so rich felt & refreshing,full of pure positive rhythmic energy when I conversed with this particular young lady,Whom understood me much more then most people,but appreciated me as a man..........Immaculate in sight,bright & imaginative in other aspect as well as truthful,Indulged in her infinite infallible attitude that made me feel inebriated on a cloud of radiant passion that Emancipated me from this hostile stressful place called earth..........My close confidant & mental liberator,twisted together rescued to relaxation as sativa sizzles in an impressively rolled joint tightly wrapped...Kush marinated in compressed air,every sound is intensified all senses are aware & intuned to surrounding thoughts,her's are unique just like mines.............But in an instant she is illusive & me invisible to her,leaving me to wonder why did she do this to me,after the irritable irony of others & the obvious obitual lying of third person parties.........Contemplating if she over heard false pretenses that lead her to believe I was implementing evil contorted idea's of hurtful notion's or another confidant of hers that was in coalition with a person whom is fake that tells tall phonie tales about me,but actually ridicules us both to make our tainted broken union of friendship coagulate more into unbelievable hatred from you,as I sit here in all my solitude pushing away everyone............To prove that I don't insult you,or criticize you in anyway or even talk about you in any obscene way..But was their even when you shunned me away I still defended you & your name...But gave you the information in messages about your taunters,For your future reference,incase you bumped into that person or people..............I stayed true...But soon one day we will reconcile & be friends without the disturbance of people full of envious jealousy & hate,When everything comeback to how it use to be me & you(her) as close confidant that stick by each other loyal & trustworthy to one another...No annoyance No taunts,no mockery,no third party crooks who won't be around..for good Literally...Not the reverse...Believe in me & my words that are actually,literally heard from my own mouth verbally & my mind mentally,not the devious notions of others who don't have any say so in our live's,literally...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Notion's echo feeble aspects By:Christopher Stephen Cluney

Amplify your mind,increase & magnify episodes of your thought's,Brought affections of life's expectations into aspect,not to subject my emotion's to feeble dainty bruises of past flogs harmful neurotic memories...Emulate elusive undone passions so indeept into exhausted despair,lost of coolness seems implanted inside my immoral from constant taunts of immature impenitent untrusted echo's of those who wish watertight worries of undeserved inputs infused with notions of false,distortion...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"My love for her is in my heart"-but can she understand the message,yes"-By:Christopher Stephen Cluney

kawaii,stick people and stuffShe is inside my thoughts,my love for her is in my heart...,Who is immaculate to me,perfect in my eyes,My love for her is in my heart,friendship turned destiny into tested emotions that I still reflect on,My love for her is in my heart,..You will to understand games aren't part of real love,as for me I seen beyond our friendship I felt together almost a completeness with your soul,My love for her is in my heart,...I ask her to reply to me,lets reset & restore friendship, Me a true friend with emotions for her...But all the while other senseless false fake friends,with theses devious evil notions,A covenant,A group of liars together as their formulating untrue affirmations for their selfish manipulative reasons only to lure(her)you into a vicious circle networked between separate third parties of "supposed" trust worthy people with intent of promising desires of momentary exstacy with the cruel exchange of giving pleasure to them,(Even though she isn't a drug addict)but a lifetime of misery,turmoil & regret,with a back up plan of blackmailing plots that will never be successful Literally,that only leads to nowhere that(she)you can just turn away from easily,but not to your(her)knowledge,coincidental acquaintances of yours(hers)that intermingle with acquaintances of my own that share conversations about a "her" or "she" that will give into malicious degrading deeds of sexual exchange((even though they assume from hear say of different misrepresenting people,who try to make input about her that isn't real))for a short lived high then when I(me)ask whom this female maybe(after over hearing various conversations),its alway a few giggles included with the same made up story line of a woman("supposed" her)that they just met at a certain location or social gathering,(her unknowingly)that is obvious in many ways to belittle me or cut my emotions down,all while their making nonchalant masked gestures as if it were you(her),but as I listen to all this pull of menacing hurt,all for the sake of their own fucked up pleasure,because they start thinking in front of me & saying among's themselves(let see who can be the first to fuck the girl((her)) of the guy((me)) who is in love with her) because---Sarcastically,jokingly but really meaning--(Who cares,she just a pass around or that they found out her real phone number's,(them thinking)lets talk her into hanging out & flash money or promising material object's false pleasure's((that(she)you'll never ever be able to spend or obtain)(as their plotting)or try to call her in front of me(with me not knowing) & acting as if I'm(me) not their so I(me) can feel like less a man or a nobody)..,My love for her is in my heart,..But me being a man of a different variety,my actions are megalithic,I(me)respond with actions,I(me)react with a side of me that would make satan himself turn christian,with no regret,with no remorse,with a lifetime of their love one's still in ruins after they are surpassed gone,...A little supposed blow,A little blow,huh,...Well I am a good,great man,I am very trustworthy,I am not dumb,I listen,I watch,I conversate,I withhold my feelings,but I am not one to toil with or to be used as the clown of a game made to destroy my life & my love one's,because my love for her is in my heart & I'm one man that isn't a fool,but a man who would go to the extreme to see myself & the one I can actually call a friend a woman(her)I can say I understand & love without a doubt,...My love for her is in my heart,as my mind is with her at all times,but would love for her to be with me in the flesh,in person,in real physical appearance,together here me & her,because she is & alway will be immaculate in my eyes,that what she is to me ...Literally.. :) Dedication:"Wish you were here" By:"Incubus"